What is CopyFX Platform

Before any investment on the financial markets, you need to know how CopyFX works.

CopyFX – a copy trading investment platform from Roboforex group. Working with the CopyFX platform, you get the opportunity to simplify the trading process itself, more accurately manage your own risks, as well as share your trading experience for additional profit.

CopyFX offers its customers to choose one of two roles:


You want to earn Money on the Forex market, but do not want to delve into the intricacies of financial operations, or simply do not have suficiente experience to conduct profitable trading. CopyFX offers you an opprtunity to work with experienced Traders and copy their orders to your account.

You have decided to become the CopyFX Investors and don't know where to start? This section contains major aspects of your operations along with answers to the frequently asked questions.

How to become an Investor in CopyFX:

  1. You open a trading account and deposit funds to it;
  2. The Investor subscribes to the Trader's account;
  3. The transactions from the Trader's account are copied to the Investor's one;
  4. The Trader receives his/her commission (this step is not applicable for Traders without commission);
  5. The profit made during the period of the offer (minus the commission transferred to the Trader's account) remains on the Investor's account.
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You successfully trade on the Forex market and don't mind sharing your experience with others, but you're not confident enough that you're ready to take responsability for other people's money. After becoming a CopyFX Trader, you can continue your trading activity and receive a commission/percentage from Investors for copying your transactions.

A Trader is a person, who traders on the Forex market. A successful Trader is a professional, who makes a regular profit and for whom trading is the main source of income. If you're confident enough and ready to earn more, you can add to your income for profitable transactions an additional profit for your knowledge and experience - join CopyFX as a Trader.

How to become a Trader in CopyFX:

  1. You open the Trader's account;
  2. You deposit funds to the account, specify the subscription conditions and start trading activity, results of which are recoded in the Rating;
  3. Your profitability will help you to attract subscribers (Investors);
  4. You receive your commission (this step is not applicable for Traders without commission).